Vengeance Trail

VENGEANCE TRAIL is about a woman and daughter on the run from her abusive husband when her stagecoach is robbed. A wrongfully-imprisoned ex-con tries to return to a simple, quiet life when he rescues her, the only survivor of a bloody stagecoach robbery, and now must face the corrupt Sheriff of Vengeance in order to find justice for the woman in this high-octane, Western thriller.

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Annie McBride (Stephanie Northrup) is on the run from an abusive husband with her daughter Sarah, when she is caught in a bloody stagecoach holdup outside the small town of Vengeance, Texas. While Jim Dawson (Robert Kotecki) has just returned home with the hope of reviving his grandfather’s ranch, after being wrongfully imprisoned for two years. But his plans are interrupted when he stops the stagecoach robbery and saves Annie from being killed. Wounded and distraught, Annie recovers at the Dawson ranch. Now Jim and his grandpa try to protect her from the robbers and her husband’s men. But the man, who helped put Jim in prison, is now the Sheriff (Jeff Dolan). And he wants Jim dead. In a climactic final shoot out on the dusty streets of Vengeance, with alliances from the town’s people including the doctor (Peter Sherayco), Jim and Annie make their stand. Justice is not enough!

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