Fool Circle

Logline: Coen Brothers-style, black comedy about a crazy man who runs for Governor of California (against Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the 2003 recall election, and unleashes a ripple of Darwin Award style consequences.

Screenplay by Roger Hawkins, Ian Eyre and Dan Rice. Based on true stories of Trepanation for National Health and the 2003 Recall.

De Ja Vu: The CIRCUS IS BACK IN TOWN with the 2021 Governor Gavin Newsom recall. 

CAUTION – GRAPHIC IMAGES: Watch the ripped-footage SIZZLE REEL to get a feel for the movie.

Read the book Self Trepanation for Dummies by Christopher Horrell.

See the filmmaker demonstrate a self-trepanation for the 6 Second Scare Contest – CAUTION: GRAPHIC IMAGES – it is a horror comedy after all.

Previously optioned screenplay. Currently available.


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